Finally! a Reusable Bag You’ll Want to Keep & Use!

Big, beautiful, strong and FREE! reusable shopping bags you'll want to keep with you. Pick one up on Fri. 11/24/17 @DestinyUSA and help win GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title!

They’re BIG!!! STRONG! BEAUTIFUL! &FREE! It will be the first time ever on Planet Earth that this brand new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title will be attempted: Most reusable shopping bags distributed in 24 hours! We intend to give away at least 5100 bags. Stop by DestinyUSA. lower level behind Santa,…

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Don’t Trash that Pumpkin! Cook or Compost It

After Halloween, please eat or compost your pumpkin so it doesn’t create harmful methane gas in a landfill. Download FREE recipes for delicious pumpkin treats & snacks with this link: . Or drop off with kitchen/yard waste at a resource recovery facility near you. Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

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Bonnaroo 2017: Festive & Sustainable!

Reusable, refillable cup from Bonnaroo 2017

Jacinda Ballantyne, an “under thirty” electrical engineer, took a summer vacay at Tennessee music festival and lifestyle experience Bonnaroo (“where happy campers live, sleep, and play in blissful harmony like it’s permanent recess.”).  It was satisfying to her music loving and planet loving self.  She wrote the following, and gave…

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