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Build deeper relationships with your customers, investors, employees and community with Mainstream Green

Build deeper relationships with your customers, investors, employees and community with Mainstream Green

Environmental, Social and Governing characteristics of businesses are increasingly important to customers, investors, employees and your community. Forward thinking companies are associated with efficiency, minimal waste and well-managed risk. Your connection with Mainstream Green can enhance this.

Businesses can become involved with Mainstream Green in two ways.

One is as a sponsor of a Mainstream Green initiative or activity; these offer opportunities for co-branding as part of your marketing and sales promotion efforts. Your products or services will receive widespread promotion at events and through traditional media and social media channels.

Businesses benefit from Mainstream Green's corporate environmental wellness programs
Corporate anti-waste and recycling programs add value to your business

Gain engagement when you incorporate our simple anti-waste programs as part of your environmental wellness programs.

The second way a business can be involved is as a Mainstream Green Partner. Businesses become Mainstream Green Partners by making a small but meaningful annual donation to Mainstream Green and then promoting various environmental wellness initiatives throughout the year to their employees, who may receive benefits and incentives by choosing to participate. As a Partner, you will be listed in an exclusive online directory that will let you showcase your environmental impact. Also, you'll be able to take advantage of using the Mainstream Green Partners logo on your website and promotional materials. You will also receive a membership certificate for display in your workspaces.

Next Steps:

Contact Dana Johnston at (315) 640-9082 today for more information about sponsoring any of Mainstream Green's initiatives or becoming a corporate Mainstream Green Partner. Or use this handy form!

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