Syracuse LED’s The Way: Brightening lives instantly

Mainstream Green, Inc. is partnering with Philips Lighting USA in a unique new program called “Syracuse LED’s The Way.”
100 selected low income Syracuse, NY area households will be outfitted with energy & money saving LED's via Mainstream Green's new program: “Syracuse LED’s The Way.”


Mainstream Green, Inc. is partnering with Philips Lighting USA to completely outfit 100 selected low income Syracuse, NY area households with LED, (Light emitting diode) bulbs in a unique new program called “Syracuse LED’s The Way.” With this program, Mainstream Green will provide thousands of LED bulbs donated by Philips to replace all the incandescent and CFL bulbs in households that pay directly for their electric service. The super efficient, brilliant lights will enable families to save up to 80% of their electric lighting costs.

“We’re very pleased to present the Syracuse LED's The Way program because it helps fight poverty and climate change at the same time,” says Dana Johnston, Mainstream Green’s president. “People will slash their own electric bills, just by switching their light bulbs!”

She adds, “This program is a great demonstration of how families, businesses, and even communities can dramatically downsize their electric bills, and their energy consumption, by making the switch to LED lighting now.”

"We're very  proud and very grateful to be partnering with Philips Lighting Systems on this project," Ms. Johnston noted. "Their technology is cutting edge, with such high standards of quality, reliability and performance. We know the families who receive these bulbs will enjoy increased safety, comfort and liveability in their homes because of these bulbs."

Would you like to cut 75%+ off your electric lighting bill? If yours is a low income household you may qualify for this free program. It is open to people who rent and pay their own electric bills directly, and people who own the home in which they live.  Please use the contact form on this page to send us your name, address, phone number and email address, so we can send you an application. Or check back here in the next week or so; we will have an application for you to download directly from this page.

Do you qualify for this program for free LED light bulbs?

If your household income is below $26,000 a year, you might qualify for Syracuse LED's The Way. Application will be downloadable here shortly, but is not ready right now. Please check back here in a week.  To apply, download an application here.

There are three goals for Syracuse LED’s The Way:

  • One: Put more money back in peoples’ pockets when they don’t spend it on electricity to light their homes.
  • Two: Cut 100,000 kiloWatt hours of annual demand for electricity, shrinking the carbon footprint.
  • Three: convince everyone to switch to LED's for all their lighting needs, now.
Mainstream Green wants YOU to switch all your light bulbs to LEDS. so you can save money and energy

LED's come in all shapes and sizes to adapt to your design need. All LEDS will save you energy and money!

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