Switch to LED Bulbs

Switch and Save money with LED light bulbs

Switch and Save money with LED light bulbs

Save more than 75% of electricity compared to incandescents; 50 percent compared to compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s)! Replacing just two incandescent bulbs with two LED bulbs could save you $346 in just one year, while also helping to fight climate change!

Pick the LED bulb to save money and energy!

Pick the LED bulb to save money and energy!

Why you should switch all your bulbs to LED’s, right now!

Americans have used incandescent and fluorescent lighting since 1910. Today, there’s something better, called LED lighting. It gives you more kinds of light, in more colors and brightness ranges, using only about 1/5 of the energy used by old fashioned incandescent lighting, and 1/2 the energy of fluorescent. Also, LED bulbs are very durable and many will last 17 years or longer!

In terms of dollars, using LED lighting is like spending $2 on a cup of coffee instead of $10.
How is this possible?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. These lights are composed of semi conductors, like you have in your computer or phone. They light up when electric current hits them. Old fashioned light bulbs used filaments with vacuums or gas within bulbs to illuminate, and this is far less efficient, creating more heat than light.

You should not wait for your old fashioned bulbs to burn out before replacing them with LED lights and fixtures, because you will lose out on money you could have saved immediately. There are bargains on multi packs of LED bulbs most weeks at big box stores all over the USA. Check our Twitter or Facebook for sales or coupon info. Even if you get the fanciest kind of LED bulb, where you can change the color any time you wish, as well as use it on a dimmer switch, you could save up to $150 in electricity the first year it is installed, even if it costs $23 for that one bulb!

What to do with your old-fashioned bulbs: Incandescent bulbs can go out in your ordinary trash. Place them in a box so people won’t get injured by the glass. But you must recycle and handle with great care used compact fluorescents (CFL’s) and tube fluorescents, because they have mercury gas and chemicals inside that are poisonous as dust. They need special disposal. Get safe handling instructions for fluorescents here.

Syracuse LED’s The Way: Outfitting 100 low income Syracuse households with LED’s, fighting climate change & poverty

Would you like to cut 75%+ off your electric lighting bill? If yours is a low income houshold you may qualify for this free program.

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