Drive Electric!

Electric cars use far less energy than gasoline-powered cars, costing about a third as much to run. They don’t require oil changes, they use no petroleum and they are free of tail pipe emissions.

Zero Emissions, Anyone?

A large part of climate change is caused by the vehicles people drive.

Almost 20 percent of total emissions in the United States are created by cars and trucks with internal combustion engines (ICE’s). For every gallon of gas they use, some 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases are released into our atmosphere.

Here’s what we can do to cut that, instantly.

  1. Use fuel saving strategies with ICE cars we already own. Absolutely the easiest slam dunk is to not keep our engines running while our cars are not in motion (idling). When your car is in “P,” #TURNitOFF!
  2. If your current internal combustion car gets only 18 mpg, trade it out as soon as possible for a vehicle that gets 24 mpg, and you improve your fuel efficiency by 30%. Get a vehicle with 30 mpg, and you improve your fuel efficiency by 40%. You’ll save money, also.
  3. Take mass transit or carpool with others whenever possible.

If you’re in the market for a new car, check out some of the exciting new, longer range electric plugin vehicles. Because most Americans drive only about 30 miles a day, electric vehicles (EV’s) are the best option for driving without adding to greenhouse gas and air pollution. With electricity in the CNY region costing only 3.2¢ per mile, you can drive 1000 miles for $32 in “fuel.”

EV owners having fun with license plates.

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