PlasticFreeFridays TGIF Party at The Brasserie, in Camillus

This Camillus, NY restaurant is local women-owned and committed to sustainability AND good food & drink! They source raw foods locally, use reusable cloth napkins, have biodegradable to-go containers, and don’t offer plastic straws! (Paper straws available upon request.) And that’s not all! They also offer 10% off on order-to-go when you bring your own reusable bag to take out! That’s why Mainstream Green, Inc., the environmental non profit that invites you to join the Crowd vs Climate Change, has awarded The Brasserie its first #MainstreamGreenStarRestaurant designation, and also why we are holding our Oct. 12 #PlasticFreeFridays TGIF party at The Brasserie, in Township 5, Camillus NY. Bring your wallets and your friends, ’cause there’s a special bonus for you if you mention Mainstream Green there: $5 off your bill of $30 or more.

Put Less Plastic Packaging on my Hershey’s Syrup Please

Hershey's please use biodegradable string to couple your syrup bottles for bulk purchase

Hershey's please use biodegradable string to couple your syrup bottles for bulk purchase

We use #PlasticStuff so much in our homes and lives, it’s hard to imagine life before it was invented 110 years ago! Since then, some 5 billion tons of plastic has been produced.  And it’s all still here, somewhere on land or in the water, because it does not decompose for centuries, if at all.

So much plastic has accumulated in rivers, lakes, and oceans that it has infiltrated the food chain for animals and humans, with terrible results. Now 93% of Americans test positive for BPA, the plastic chemical, in their blood streams. This is very bad for our health, because it harms our endocrine and immune functions. When sea life, birds or other animals mistake plastic for food, and eat it, it kills them.

Pay attention to the amount of plastic you use daily. If you avoid using, buying, accepting anything plastic, even just one day a week, you can cut your plastic consumption by 14%, instantly and easily! Try it! Consider joining our Facebook group,  #PlasticFreeFridays, and share your experiences and ideas!