Look what Mainstream Green’s #PlasticFreeFridays Facebook Group Led To!

Marcellus biology teacher makes news with Boomerang Bags

When Marcellus High School chemistry teacher Ellen Spencer started following Mainstream Green's  "#Plastic Free Fridays" group on Facebook, "a group dedicated to helping its followers find ways to use less plastic, she had no idea she would start a movement in her town, "  and be the subject of this Syracuse . com story.  We congratulate Ellen Spencer on her initiative, creativity, persistence and we congratulate the Town of Marcellus NY for having such a great teacher,  and a community that pitches in to help the planet.

Read the news story here: https://www.syracuse.com/news/2018/04/marcellus_school_district_community_ditches_plastic_bags.html

Marcellus NY teacher Ellen Spencer started a Boomerang Bag program in her town

Marcellus NY chemistry teacher, Ellen Spencer, started a Boomerang Bags program in her town.

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