Trader Joe’s pledges 1000 reusable shopping bags to help win Guinness World Records™ title!!

There are so many reasons to love Trader Joe’s but now there’s another one. They pledged 1000 of their gorgeous reusable shopping bags to help Mainstream Green’s effort to set a #GuinnessWorld Record! #Most reusable shopping bags distributed in 24 hours. Now we have a date (Fri.Nov. 24, 2017) a location (DestinyUSA, Syracuse, NY) and all we need are more bags and then LOTS of people! Read more here. In the mean time, Which of these bags do you love the most and promise to always bring with you whenever you shop anywhere??? Tweet us @MainstreamGrn or share your pics of #BestForeverBags #BFB ‘s with Mainstream Green Inc. on Instagram or Facebook!



Want to help us make history?

Donate money TODAY so we can buy more BEAUTIFUL bags to give away as part of our #GuinnessWorldRecord Title challenge: #MostReusableBagsDistributedin24Hours

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