Look what Mainstream Green’s #PlasticFreeFridays Facebook Group Led To!

Marcellus NY teacher Ellen Spencer started a Boomerang Bag program in her town

When Marcellus High School chemistry teacher Ellen Spencer started following Mainstream Green’s  “#Plastic Free Fridays” group on Facebook, “a group dedicated to helping its followers find ways to use less plastic, she had no idea she would start a movement in her town, ”  and be the subject of this…

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Mainstream Green President’s Commentary Published in Post Standard

Picture of Dana Johnston, Mainstream Green president, at podium

#TrammelCrow recently proposed building the #secondlargestwarehouse in the world in the #OnondagaCounty, NY Town of Clay. The project is being developed for an unnamed client (guess who… worlds biggest online retailer maybe?)  Dana Johnston wrote the following Commentary, which was published in syracuse.com and the Post Standard. The Climate Crisis is…

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Mainstream Green Launches Reusable Shopping Bags for Food Pantries Program

Reusable shopping bags given to Onondaga County food pantry by Mainstream Green

One Food Pantry Director’s Thoughts on Mainstream Green’s program: “With the availability of reusable bags you have given us, Mainstream Green empowers all of us to participate in NY State’s ban on plastic and contribute to the global movement of community environmental health. With the bags we are enabled to educate and reinforce to our community the detriments of…

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Insurer Chubb announces plan to cut coverage of coal production + usage in power plants

On July 1, 2019, Zurich based Chubb Limited (NYSE: CB), the self-described “world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company,” announced that it has adopted a new policy concerning coal-related underwriting and investment. With the new policy, the company will no longer underwrite the construction and operation of new coal-fired…

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Read This Before Plant Shopping This Weekend!

This NYTimes article reports climate change is causing a northward shift of warmer weather, changing what plants thrive where as hardiness zones heat up. We hope you are going to plant more perennials, trees or shrubs, to help cool the planet, but before you plant, figure out which ones will…

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