Easy to dispense with these dispensers!

Three plastic pump soap dispensing bottles

We can dispense with plastic pump soap dispensers!

#PlasticThingsICanLiveWithout : These are easy! From now on, only bar soap for hand washing. What #PlasticStuff can u avoid using? Are you ready for #PlasticFreeFriday?

How does limiting our purchase and use of #PlasticStuff help fight climate change? Most #PlasticStuff is made from petroleum based fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are hydrocarbon deposits, such as petroleum, coal, or natural gas, which were formed some 300 million years ago, from remains of ancient plants and animals. When fossil fuels are burned, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are released. They are called greenhouse gases because they act like the glass on a greenhouse, absorbing infrared radiation, and trapping heat within the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in global warming. Every time you (and thousands of other people) stop buying something, less of it is produced. When less #PlasticStuff is produced, less fossil fuels are burned. When less fossil fuels are burned, less greenhouse gas is released into the atmosphere.

eBEEMER! Review: 2015 BMWi3 all electric sedan It’s a joyride!

BMWi3 So sustainable Guilt free driving fun

BMWi3 All Electric Sedan

(From June 2015) We test drove the new BMWi3! Invented to be electric, this intentionally “designed to be sustainable” sedan has incredible acceleration with sports car handling. Imagine having a guilt free, CO2 free, fun-filled driving experience! It uses regenerative braking to help extend its 80 mile driving range. Plug it in at home at night, and the next morning you’re good to go. It takes an 18.8 kWh charge. It can parallel park itself, also! Tax credits available up to $7K, with base model priced at $44K, means you can own it for $37K. We calculated that compared to what one of us was spending on gas for a Toyota Rav4, if she bought the BMW, in just 7 years her savings in  gas and oil changes alone would pay for the purchase price of the E-Beemer! #BMWi3 #guiltfree #CO2free #drivingfun