Give a kid you love a t-shirt, cleaner air, and a planet to keep living on!

Tee shirt reminds people to turn off their cars instead of wasting gas and causing pollution by idling

Love a kid & love your planet, at the same time, with #TURNitOFF anti-idling t-shirt!

Americans waste 3.8 million gallons of fuel EVERY DAY letting their cars run while parked. It’s called idling, and it’s bad for the planet because it causes air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Purchase one of these t- shirts and spread the message about idling!  When your car is in P, #TURNitOFF!

Available in Children’s Small, Medium, Large and XL, 100% cotton and Made In America! Proceeds go to Mainstream Green, Inc., a 501C-3 non-profit.

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