Put Less Plastic Packaging on my Hershey’s Syrup Please

Hershey's please use biodegradable string to couple your syrup bottles for bulk purchase

Hershey’s please use biodegradable string to couple your syrup bottles for bulk purchase

We use #PlasticStuff so much in our homes and lives, it’s hard to imagine life before it was invented 110 years ago! Since then, some 5 billion tons of plastic has been produced.  And it’s all still here, somewhere on land or in the water, because it does not decompose for centuries, if at all.

So much plastic has accumulated in rivers, lakes, and oceans that it has infiltrated the food chain for animals and humans, with terrible results. Now 93% of Americans test positive for BPA, the plastic chemical, in their blood streams. This is very bad for our health, because it harms our endocrine and immune functions. When sea life, birds or other animals mistake plastic for food, and eat it, it kills them.

Pay attention to the amount of plastic you use daily. If you avoid using, buying, accepting anything plastic, even just one day a week, you can cut your plastic consumption by 14%, instantly and easily! Try it! Consider joining our Facebook group,  #PlasticFreeFridays, and share your experiences and ideas!

Really Bad Elf Perpetuates Plastic Pollution

The Planet Friendly Way to use your Keurig

This naughty elf is Unsustainable Scott!, and he perpetuates plastic pollution profusion!

What a gift it would be if this little elf would use a reusable coffee filter with loose ground coffee in his Keurig! Not only could he add the used coffee grounds to his compost pile, or mix it into soil around his evergreens or roses, but he could also save himself money by buying ground coffee or beans in bulk, AND prevent more plastic waste at the same time! (Especially if he used a PAPER or stainless steel straw, instead of a plastic one.)

Keurigs, which are basically little on-demand water heaters, are a very energy efficient way to heat water for single serving hot drinks, more efficient than teapots or saucepans.

It is super convenient and fast to put a tea bag or a powdered hot chocolate mix right in your mug, and then, using the empty holder that would hold one of the single serving cups,  tap the the “brew” button to get just the right amount of hot water you need to to fit the capacity of your mug.

A coffee filter like this one may be filled with loose ground coffee to make the perfect single serving size cuppa joe.

A Keurig type machine is the most energy efficient way to heat water for hot beverages including tea and hot chocolate.

Finally! a Reusable Bag You’ll Want to Keep & Use!

Big, beautiful, strong and FREE! reusable shopping bags you'll want to keep with you. #mostreusableshoppingbagsdistributedin24hours

Big, beautiful, strong and FREE! reusable shopping bags you’ll want to keep with you. Pick one up on Fri. 11/24/17 in #SyracuseNY at #DestinyUSA. lower level behind Santa! Help #CNY & #MainstreamGreen win a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title! (Most reusable shopping bags distributed in 24 hours.)


It will be the first time ever on Planet Earth that this brand new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title will be attempted: Most reusable shopping bags distributed in 24 hours! We intend to give away at least 5100 bags. Stop by DestinyUSA. lower level behind Santa, on Friday, 11/24/17, from 9 am on, to pick yours up.
How To Get Your BIG, Strong, Beautiful & FREE Bag!
To receive a bag, people must be adults over 18 years of age. Only one bag will be given to each person, who must sign a form with a photo/video release on it. The form shows the number of the bag that person has received, the person’s name, address, and signature. The forms will be available to be completed at the event, or if people want to save time, they may download this pdf to fill out before coming to the mall. Everyone who receives a bag must have their picture taken, still or video or both, in our “green carpet” area, posing to show their bag numbers.
This GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ official attempt is sponsored by Mainstream Green, Inc., Covanta Onondaga, LP, the Onondaga County Block Litter program, Trader Joes, DestinyUSA, and Embassy Suites by Hilton Syracuse Destiny USA hotel. It is also made possible by the generosity of private donors. We are grateful for the support of the Onondaga County Legislature, and the monumental assistance of County Legislator Michael Plochocki.

Why people should stop using disposable plastic bags

720,000 plastic shopping bags are consumed in the US every minute.

Plastic bags blow around in the wind, catching on trees and shrubs, shredding into thousands of little pieces. These tiny pieces fall into lakes and streams, then flow into larger lakes, rivers and then finally the oceans.

Some plastic bags get sucked into water purification and sewage treatment plants, where they damage pumps and pollution fighting equipment.

Lots of plastic bags wind up in the bellies of wildlife, killing them. What’s worse is, plastic has so invaded our food chain and water supply that 93% of Americans have BPA, a plastic chemical, in their bloodstreams. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastics than fish in the world’s oceans.

Reusable shopping bags are much better for the planet and all creatures on it.


Why reusable shopping bags are better than plastic ones.


Joe Brown CEO Roth Industries joins Mainstream Green Inc. Board of Directors
Joe Brown, Pres. & CEO Roth Industries, joins Mainstream Green Inc. Board of Directors.

CAMILLUS, NY,  Sept. 17, 2017 – –  Mainstream Green, Inc., the two-year old environmental non-profit, is pleased to announce the election of Joseph Brown to its Board of Directors. Mr. Brown is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Roth Industries and Roth Global Plastics, a multinational family of companies with $250 million in sales, and locations in more than 40 countries.

Mainstream Green, which is currently preparing to set a Guinness World Record for the Most Reusable Shopping Bags Distributed in 24 Hours, develops outreach programs that demonstrate ways that people can save money or energy, cut waste, avoid pollution, protect resources, and shrink use of fossil fuels.

“Joe Brown is a highly respected international business leader,  with great ideas, so we are extremely excited to welcome him to Mainstream Green’s Board of Directors,” said Dana Johnston, the Chair of Mainstream Green’s  Board.

“We believe Joe’s strong experience, in energy and water related industries, combined with his tremendous talent for building relationships across borders and industries, will be extremely helpful to us in delivering our innovative, mass market oriented programs to spur greater stewardship of our planet through crowds of individual action.”

Mr. Brown commented: “I’m thrilled to have the privilege to serve such a unique organization as Mainstream Green. It’s exciting to be part of an important movement that not only improves our environment today, but sets the stage for continuous environmental activism for generations to come.”

A licensed engineer, Joe Brown graduated cum laude with a BSEE from State University of New York College at Buffalo. His MBA was earned at Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management. Prior to joining Roth North America nine years ago, Joe was VP of Sales & Marketing at FRALO Plastech Manufacturing. He had previously held the same title at American Granby, following a progression of positions over twelve years with O’Brien & Gere Manufacturing.

Mainstream Green is a 501 c-3 tax exempt charity. Upcoming projects include the Guinness World Record for Reusable Shopping Bags, and “Syracuse LED’s the Way,” a joint program with Philips Lighting,  that will outfit 100 low income Syracuse NY area households with LED light bulbs, to provide homeowners with 80 percent savings in their cost of electric lighting. Some of Mainstream Green’s other projects have been associated with the following hashtags:  #PlasticFreeFridays, a program that cuts use of consumer plastics by 14.4%, #12EarthDays a program that focuses public attention on the environment one day a month,  #TURNitOFF, a vehicle idling program that promotes saving 3.8 million gallons of fuel a day in the US.

The Roth companies manufacture and sell products that produce, distribute, manage and store energy, contain fluids or direct highway traffic. The company has1,100 employees worldwide and operates two locations in Central New York, one in Syracuse and the other in Watertown, NY.


Mainstream Green. Be The Crowd vs Climate Change
Be the Crowd vs Climate Change