Board of Directors – Steven Ward Williams, Esq.

Steven Williams, noted attorney, is a member of the board of directors of Mainstream Green, Inc.

Steve is a partner in the law firm of Smith, Sovik, Kendrick & Sugnet, P.C. He is a litigator. Prior to joining Smith Sovick in 1995, Steve was an attorney in the US Navy JAG Corps for five years, where he acted as a prosecutor/trial attorney, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, and as counsel to Rear Admiral F.M. Dirren, Jr.

Steve handles a wide range of litigation matters (personal injury, employment law, construction accidents, professional malpractice, motor vehicle claims, commercial litigation, contracts,etc.), and environmental contamination. He has represented high profile clients such as the National Basketball Players’ Association (NBPA) and has appeared as a legal analyst on television programs such as The O’Reilly Factor and Hour CNY. Steve regularly appears before state agencies responsible for investigating claims of discrimination and EEOC offices in every state from Delaware to Maine. He is a graduate of Cortland College and California Western School of Law, in San Diego, California.

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