Covid19 Crisis: Don’t Idle Your Engine When Waiting In Line for Virus Test

Don't idle your engine when in line waiting for COVID testWe are seeing long lines of cars is in New York, California, Washington DC and other places where COVID-19 testing is taking place. People are understandably concerned about whether or not they have this disease, so they may not realize that if they keep their car engines on continuously as they wait, they will be making things worse for anyone with the virus, or the flu, or a cold, or asthma, or coronary disease. There are enough challenges to our public health, that we don't need any additional stress on America's lungs and hearts. Please remember: When your car is in "P", #TURNitOFF!



Americans waste 3.8 MILLION gallons of fuel EVERY day, by idling! That’s a lot of wasted fuel. At $2.62 a gallon for gas on April 6, 2018, that’s $9,950,000 dollars being burned up for nothing. Every. Single. Day.

Idling also contributes to local air pollution, respiratory disease, and global climate change. All we need to do as a society, to stop this waste and damage, is to turn our cars off whenever they are not in motion.

Idling vehicles waste 3.8 million gallons of fuel a day