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Mainstream Green's signature Syracuse LEDs the Way program

What We Do

Mainstream Green Inc. popularizes habits that can save people money or energy, cut waste, avoid pollution, protect resources, shrink use of fossil fuels, and help save the planet.  We are a 501 C-3 Non Profit environmental charity.

Switching 2000 households from incandescent to LED bulbs saves enough kWhr's to equal all the output of all the coal fired power plants in Maine.

Since our start in Feb. 2015, we’ve been designing and implementing programs we describe as “low hanging fruit:” Actions that have immediate positive impact versus climate change. They are inexpensive & easy for the general public to understand & implement. When adopted by a large volume of people, any single one of these programs can aggregate into meaningful impact.



Tip The Boat To Stop Climate Change

Like this: Imagine a big boat with a lot of people on board. The boat is tipping to one side and in danger of tipping over. All the people go to the opposite side, at the same time, and the boat rights itself.

That’s what we’re doing. Trying to get as many people as possible on one side of the boat, with simple, easy habit changes. Each new habit could be the “gateway” to further engagement in additional new, environmentally beneficial habits.


Shoppers had a ball posing on the red carpet with the roomy new reusable shopping bags they received at Mainstream Green's Guinness World Records title attempt for #MostReusableShoppingBagsDistributedIn24Hours, Syracuse, NY

In addition to the programs listed on our home page, we have programs for sustainable fashion, tree planting, no-mow-lawns, and more. Most projects involve social & personal reward/ recognition.

All of our projects are designed to be expanded or reproduced in any part of the United States.

Check out our blog for the latest news and info, or sign up for our newsymails.


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